Most real estate agents have probably been asked the question “why isn’t my home selling?” The answer in some circumstances may not be abundantly clear. In other cases, there is no doubt why the house isn’t selling.

As a home seller, the thing you dread most is being unable to sell your home. What if you put it up on the market, do all that hard work, and no one is interested? Dwelling on such thoughts can be upsetting, to say the least.

But fortunately, your worries are probably somewhat unfounded. Most homes do sell; it just takes time in some cases. There may be some changes, however, you can make to improve your odds of selling more quickly and for a better price.

One of the mistakes a Seller makes is saying “We are not in a hurry to sell, so we will start with a high listing price”.  Buyers who are looking in the area, will usually have set up an e-mail or phone notification to inform them of a new home for sale. The first few days of your property being listed online, is your best opportunity to get your house sold within a reasonable time frame. If you have potential Buyers coming through at this crucial time, but they are put off for any reason, this will only delay the sale of your home or it won’t sell at all. Usually the first question that a buyer will ask me is “How long has the property been on the market?” The longer your property is on the market, people may assume there is something wrong with your property, or it isn’t up to an expected standard, or the price is over of what a Buyer is prepared to pay.  The Agent can only do so much to sell your property, but the Seller also has an important role. We need to work together to get your property SOLD!


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